Dandara is a Swiss based producer, DJ and Live-Act. His music combines the groovy deepness of European techno and house with traditional sounds from all over the World. You can hear influences from different continents such as Africa, South America and Asia, which he fuses perfectly into his sets. Playing shows all around the world, he knows what a crowd wants and he can tune right into the mood of the evening as proven in:

Tulum, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Moscow, Berlin, Zurich. The list goes on. Next to playing his music out in clubs and festivals he is also well known for his productions. His discography shows a wide range of labels he collaborated with, always searching for a good work- ing environment which is always based in friendship.

He is also founder of the Basel based label LOKD which is a big part of the local scene as well as shining with releases of renowned artists such as Matanza, Siopis, Bernstein, Oberst & Buchner, Rafaele Castiglione, Arutani and more.