The city kid ĂVEM is on a mission to bend musical boundaries to their limits. Born in Basel, Switzerland, he is a vital part of the LOKD-Family, not only a renowned label, but also the host of unforgettable one-of-a-kind events in Switzerland. He never forgets about the straight line, playing his own sounds, always scratching the edges of what can be done. BPM are no reason for this creative mind not to try the impossible: Downtempo, dark driving Techno, just as well as funky House are part of his repertoire. Telling stories is the essential form of his DJ-Sets, but also his own productions. ĂVEM believes that collaborations are an essential part of growing as an artist, he still adores to play in the duo which started it all: Digitule. This is also where the broad spectrum of his sound really shows, starting as a House/Techno DJ, he also found his own style and love for Downtempo along the way and decided to start a solo-project, by the name of ĂVEM. Past label collaborations include: Heimlich, Casa Caos, Cosmic Awakenings, Metanoia etc. Coming productions and collaborations with various artist can be awaited in joyful impatience.

"If we all dream of flight, what do birds dream of?"